Introducing:  Amy Dunne, Belly Buster Babe Consultant


About Amy

I moved to Austin, Texas in July 2009 and am also newly married.  We own a business doing shirts, vinyl decor and car decals.  I have always been in the customer service field and am always looking for a great at-home company to work for and I found it with Belly Busters. 

I have tried other party plans such as At Home America and Avon, but nothing compares to Belly Busters.  I enjoy keeping busy and doing things that help others 

My 21 year old daughter is graduating college in September of '09.  She is very independent and lives on her own, so that is the reason I try to fill my time with so many jobs.  I miss her.  She works full time and is going to school so we don't don't see each other very much.  I also have 2 dogs and love animals very much.  My dream would be to make enough money to start my own animal rescue farm.

This is what attracted me to Belly Busters:

Belly Busters was a sign for me.  I was scheduled for Gastric Bypass and was always second guessing that decision.  I was in the process of setting up a vendor fair and was calling companies to have representatives attend and that is when I got in touch with Belly Busters.  I took it as a sign that there was something else out there that was going to help me lose the weight, I didn't need the surgery! 

It is not very often you get to talk to the owner of such companies and before I even signed up, I had talked to Lee on 3 different occasions and every time, I became quite certain that this was what I was supposed to be doing with my life.

I know the company is just breaking ground and it is going to be HUGE and I want in on such a wonderful thing.  I know I can be a great example and help so many others.


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               Amy Dunne


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Please visit our site:  Belly Buster Diet, Inc.  


"I know there is a better way to be healthy and to lose weight.  Having the surgery, for me, was just going to be the "easy way out".  I know I can lose the weight, I have done it before.  I completely understand other people deciding to have the surgery when they have other problems.  My whole problem was that I was not accountable for my own weight loss.  I was looking for the easy way out when all along. All I had to do was to get going and do it myself.  It is never easy and never will be if I don't take responsibility for my own actions and what I put into my own body."  Amy