Introducing:  Sequoyah Lindsey-Taylor, Belly Buster Babe Consultant


About Sequoyah

Sequoyah is employed full time as a surgical technician and is a nursing student with a passion for health and wellness.

Sequoyah has MLM experience with Brown Bag Parties and Compass Coaching Network.  She is also a certified Life Empowerment Coach..

She is happily married to Edric and has a wonderful 16 month old little girl, Autumn.. 

This is what attracted me to Belly Busters:

I became interested in the Belly Buster Opportunity due to my own desire to lose weight.  I needed someone to keep me accountable for my own weight loss and this sounded like a fun way to do it.

Belly Busters is a once in a lifetime opportunity and getting involved in the company at this time, on the ground floor,  is fantastic!

I am very impressed with Lee McCaskill, the founder, and I know she has something special with Belly Busters and the whole diet party plan concept.  It is an unique approach to getting healthy and losing weight.


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Sequoyah's home state:

Jacksonville, Florida


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    "I am also offering one-on-one consulting as well as online parties and looking for other people who would like to join the company to share the message."...Sequoyah.

Please visit our site:  Belly Buster Diet, Inc.